2D Translation

Translation is one of the transformation technique in computer graphics, It simply try to reposition the point/line/polygon. ‘2D’ because here we perform repositioning in 2 dimensional plane.

Let’s try to understand translation with the help of above mentioned illustration. As we are dealing with ‘2D’ so we have X and Y dimensions. Point ‘A’ coordinates (2,3), these are original coordinates and point A’ is the one that we get after repositioning with coordinates (x’,y’). But for this translation we need Tx and Ty which is noting but the distance needed for translation with respect to X and Y axis.

Here in our example Tx= 5 units and Ty= 4 units. Now we are interested in A’ coordinates(x’,y’). For that just follow this –

x'(new) = x(old) + Tx
y'(new) = y(old) + Ty

In general we can state it as : A’ = A + T

x' = 2 + 5 = 7
y' = 3 + 4 = 7

So we get A’ coordinates (7,7).

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