Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Reduced Investments – Let’s say you want to host a website and you don’t want to take any help from cloud computing then you need to buy the servers ant other resources. Your investments won’t stop here, you need to maintain the security of your website and for that you need to invest more money. But if you take the help from cloud computing, you will need to pay the cost of servers, resources and there maintenance just for the time you use them.
  • Increased Scalability – On your website the pattern of traffic for a day could vary, for example in day time the traffic may be less and at night it might be very high. So as per the traffic pattern we need to scale up and scale down the resources and cloud computing is best at scalability.
  • Increased availability – To increase you business value the query or request of client should get a quick response without ant waiting time. All the resources should be available on client demand 24 x 7. This can be taken care by cloud computing.
  • Increased Reliability – Many a times some unexpected situations can be encountered such as some error, fault or failure. From such failure situations we need to recover fast, better than recovering is preventing/avoiding such situations. Your data also holds prime importance which needs to secured and this all (security and recovering/avoiding failure) can be handled at its best by cloud computing.

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