Active Attacks Vs Passive Attacks

Active Attacks Passive Attacks
Attacker try to modify/corrupt the data/messageAttacker try to read/monitor the data/message
Affects the system/session/conversation, as data is corrupted/alteredDoes not affect system/session/conversation, as data is not altered/modified
Can be easily detectedCannot be easily detected
It is a threat to Integrity and Availability of dataIt is a threat to Confidentiality of data/message
Requires a physical control over the link to capture the data/message and modify itJust observe the transmission
Victim does get informed about the attack.Victim does not get informed about the attack.
In active attacks attention is on detectionIn passive attacks attention is on prevention
It is difficult to stop active attacks from entering into our systemsCompared to active attacks, passive attacks are easy to handle
In active attacks system resources can be impactedIn passive attacks system resources are not impacted
Examples – Masquerade, DoS and Replay AttacksExamples – Release the message content and traffic analysis

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