Installing MinGW gcc Compiler in Windows

To start programming in C we need two tools- A text Editor and A Compiler. We can understand a c program as it is written in human understandable language but machine can’t understand that, So we need a compiler which compile our program and generates a executable file that machine can understand.

Follow the below mentioned steps to start programming in C language –

Step 1) Open command prompt and type gcc -v. If gcc is not installed in system then below mentioned message will be displayed.

Step 2) Now its time to install gcc Compiler in our system. Just visit and you will see the screen as mentioned below, then just click on Download. Then click on downloaded executable file and install MinGW gcc Compiler in windows.

Step 3) Now you would be thinking “DONE! Now we can start programming in C language” So just open command prompt and again type gcc -v and you will again see the same message as seen in step 1.

Step 4) Just few steps remaining, go to mingw folder and reach till bin folder where gcc resides and copy the path.

Step 5) Open System properties, then click on environment variables, select path under user variables and click on edit.

Step 6) Then click on New and paste the link that we copied in step 4.

Step 7) Then you click on 3 OKs, first OK of edit environment variable window, second OK of environmental variables window and final OK of system properties.

Step 8) Now for one final time open command prompt and type gcc -v to know the version and this time it works.

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